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            QZL Ball Granulating Machine

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
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            With the special design of rotor structure,the machine makes various wet grains into the perfect ball shape pellets.It is the desired equipment for making the capsules and pills of traditional Chinese medicine.

            1.Pharmaceutical,Food Industries 

            2.Cosmetic,Dyestuff,Coloring Industries

            3.Ceramic Industry


              1.Produce pellet size between 0.5~2.0mm

              2.Process long granule becomes pellet.

              3.Simple operation&effective operation time

              This machine makes damp granule into beautiful pellet by setting rotating centrifugal disk,blower,and pneumatic nozzle.Feed damp granule into rotating centrifugal disk,start fan then start rotating centrifugal disk.It can make the damp granule in float and circle by the air from gap,rotating centrifugal strength and itself gravity,appear circle rope-turning movement and become high-degree ball shape pellet.

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