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            GK Dry Granulator

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation

              ◎Medicine:tablet granules,capsules filled with particles◎foods:grains for food manufacturing,flavoring particles◎plastics:plastic molding granules

              ◎Chemical:catalysts,pigments,detergents and other particlesFeatures:

              Dry particle density uniformity,disintegration is good,into the feed rate.

              Special feeding structure to ensure effective feeding.

              Water cooling roll,assurance against material phenomenon of roll.

              No wetting agent such as water or ethanol,without secondary heating and drying step less,high efficiency,and low cost.

              The use of advanced electro-hydraulic,easy to operate,reliable,high degree of automation.

              Sealing operation pollution,drugs meet hygiene requirements.

              Particularly suitable for wet granulation of materials can not be solved.


              The use of the material in the crystal water,granulated powder directly to new equipment,reasonable structure,stable and reliable performance,easy cleaning and maintenance.

              The grains can be pressed tablets,as granules,filling capsules.Mainly used in pharmaceutical,food,chemical and other industries granulation.Particularly suitable for wet granulated material can not be solved.Technical parameters
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