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            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation


              This machine is mainly used for tablet,pellet,candy to carry out organic film coating,warter soluble film coating,slow and control releasing coating,dropping pellet coating,sugar-coating and chocolate,pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry.It is electro-mechanical integration coating equipment and conforms to the requirement of GMP.

            ? the BGB coating machine has all the functions and features of the c-type machine as well as the following features
            ? this model is a better model for coating process exploration in laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.
            ? suitable coating roller can be replaced according to the number of coating process batches.
            ? the replacement of the coating roller is convenient and fast.
            ? the main engine and the hot air system are integrated with each other, with compact structure and clean area.

              In clean, airtight rotating drum inner core streamlined guide plate under the action of constantly for complex trajectory, in the process of movement, according to the technological process and reasonable process parameters, automatic spraying coating medium, at the same time in the condition of negative pressure supply hot air, hot air through the element at the bottom of the column element from the core layer, the spray coating on the surface of the element in the core medium to get fast, uniform drying, forming strong smooth surface film.

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