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            QVC pneumaitc vacuum feeding machine

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            Pneumatic vacuum feeding machine USES compressed air to produce high vacuum through vacuum generator to transport materials. It does not need mechanical vacuum pump. It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, maintenance free, low noise, convenient control, eliminating material static electricity and conforming to GMP requirements. The high vacuum produced by the vacuum generator eliminates the stratification phenomenon of the transported material and ensures the uniformity of the mixed material composition. It is a mechanical and automatic feeding equipment for tablet pressing machine, capsule filling machine, dry granulating machine, packaging machine, shredder, vibrating screen and so on.

            When the compressed air is supplied to the vacuum generator, the vacuum generator will produce a negative pressure to form a vacuum airflow, and the material will be sucked into the suction nozzle to form a material airflow, which will pass through the suction pipe to the hopper of the feeder. The filter completely separates the material from the air. When the material is filled into the bin, the controller will automatically cut off the air source and the vacuum generator will stop working. At the same time, the bin door will automatically open and the material will fall into the hopper of the equipment. At the same time, compressed air is automatically cleaned through the pulse blowback valve. When the time is up or the feeding signal is sent by the feeding level sensor, the feeding machine will be started automatically.

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