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            ZKS Series vacuum feeding machine

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation

              ZKS vacuum on the feeder series is the latest company to develop a new type of vacuum feeding machine,it has a feeding speed,the use of a long life cycle,convenient operation,sanitation,in line with the GMP requirements.


              For powdery,granular small(φ<5 mm)and spherical materials.

              For two-dimensional,three-dimensional,double cone,V-type,and other equipment and airtight containers and the feeding.


              Feeding speed.

              Work for a long time.

              No leakage,cleaning,sanitation,suitable for cleaner plants.Compact,mobile convenient,and easy to use.

              Spring loaded with fast,convenient packs and cleaning equipment,to meet the requirements.

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