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            T、DT Series Ethanoi Recovery Tower

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation

            Principle of work

              The main equipment of refined distillation device for ethanol is recoveringlower.The equipment uses the principle that the boiling point of ethanol is lower than that of water and their solution.It applies the temperature that is higher than the boiling point of dthanol slightly to heat andvaporize dilute solution to be recovered.The steam of high condcentration ethanol is vaporized through refined distillation tower and then cooled and recovered by condensor.In this way,ethanol that is in conformity with the requirements is got.

            Advantage of equipment

              The main parts of equipment are made from stainless steel.It is corrosion resistant and duratle.The quality of ethanol can be guaranteed.The operation is very simple and the maintenance is convenient.The concentration of finished productis constant.It is suitable for recovering dilute ethanol with different concentration.

            Technical parameters

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