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            30B-universal grinder (Group)

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation

              The machine mill Group B grinder from 30 ESC ESC materials collection boxes and vacuum cleaner composition of materials in the solution process of dusty smash.

              This is the working principle of crushed material into the room,in the activities of high-speed rotating disc with the fixed gear-tooth by tooth between the impact of shear and friction materials and the mutual impact of the role of smashing through screen after screen Powder becomes necessary.

              The plane smashed group grinder,the material collection boxes and vacuum cleaners,all stainless steel material production,the production of medicines,"GMP"requirement.


              The machine applies to pharmaceuticals,chemicals,pesticides,food and food industries,uses extremely broad.

              The machines use activities Gear tooth fixed and interrogations of high-speed relative movement so that the teeth were smashed by the impact of the friction between the transitive impact,and their interactions were smashed.The machine is simple,robust,stable operation,smashing good effect of smashing directly from the host mill from the cavity,through the replacement of different particle size of the aperture Screen access.

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