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            HF series square cone mixer

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation

            Series Square Cone Mixer is a widely used in pharmaceutical,chemical,metallurgy,food,light industry,feed and other industries novel material mixer.The machine can be very homogeneously mixed powders or granules,so that the mixed materials to achieve the best results.

              ◎whole novel design,compact structure,beautiful appearance,evenness of mixing reaches 99%,the volume charge coefficient reaches 0.8.

              ◎swing low height,smooth operation,reliable performance,easy to operate.

              ◎barrel inner and outer mirror polished,no dead corner,easy material,easy to clean,no cross-contamination,technical parameters meet GMP requirements

              The mixed material into a closed square tapered barrel,hopper symmetry axis and rotary axis at an angle,different components of the material in the hopper for a closed three-dimensional movement,flip and spread a strong contraction,to achieve the best mixing.

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