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            LPG series of high-speed centrifugal Spray Dryer

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
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              Liquid spray drying technology is shaping and drying of the most widely used industrial process.Ideal for the solution,emulsion,suspension and paste liquid plastic raw materials generated in the powdery,granular or massive solid products.Therefore,when the particle size distribution of the finished product,residual moisture content,bulk density and particle shape must meet precise standards.Spray drying is a very good process.


              *Chemical Industry:sodium fluoride(K),basic dyes pigments,dyes intermediates,fertilizer,formaldehyde acid,catalyst,of sulfuric acid,amino acids,such as carbon black white.

              *Plastic Resin:AB,ABS emulsion,urine-formaldehyde resins,phenol-formaldehyde resin,of plastic(urea)formaldehyde resins,polyethylene,polyvinyl chloride,etc..

              *Food industry:the rich fat milk,Ga prion,cocoa,milk,milk substitute,hunting blood meal,eggs,Please(Yellow).

              *Food and plants:oats,Jishi,coffee,instant tea,spices seasoning meat,protein,soybean,peanut protein,such as hydrolysate.

              *Carbohydrates:corn pulp,corn starch,glucose,pectin,maltose,such as potassium sorbate.

              *Ceramic:alumina,ceramic tile materials,magnesia,such as talc.


              Drying speed,the atomized liquid after the greatly increased surface area,in the hot air flow,instantaneous evaporation can be 95%-98%moisture,and only a few seconds to complete drying time,is particularly applicable to dry thermosensitive material.

              Product has good uniformity,mobility and solubility,high purity products,good quality.

              Simplify the production process,convenient control.The humidity of 40 to 60 percent(up to 90 percent of special materials)to the liquid into a dry powder products,dried without crushing and screening to reduce production processes,improve product purity.The product size,pine density,moisture,in a certain range by changing the operating conditions can be adjusted,control and management are very convenient.

              The heating and air filters into the air dryer top distributor,hot air into a spiral uniform drying room.Liu top of the tower of the high-speed centrifugal atomization,(rotation)into a very fine spray of mist liquid beads,and hot air flow and contacts in a very short period of time for the finished products can be dry.Continuously and finished at the bottom of the drying tower and cyclone in output from the exhaust fan vented.

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