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            YPG Series Pressure Spray(cooling) Dryer

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation
            The hydraulic machine is expected to be at the top of the tower into tiny droplet atomization nozzle,and in parallel with the tower completed hot air drying.The aircraft is collecting high rate of non-viscous wall,highly efficient energy-saving features such as thermosensitive materials particularly applicable to dry.Widely used in food dyes,intermediates and other industries.

              Food Industry:full-cream milk powder,Ga prion,cocoa,milk,milk substitute,egg white(yellow).Oats,Jishi,coffee,instant tea,spices seasoning meat,protein,soybean,peanut protein,such as protein hydrolysate.Corn pulp,corn starch,glucose,pectin,maltose,Yamanashi,stuffed potassium,pumpkin powder.

              Pharmaceuticals:Extract Chinese medicine,medicine gum,yeast,vitamins,antibiotics,amylase,lipase enzyme.

              Plastic Resin:AB,ABS emulsion,urine-formaldehyde resins,phenol-formaldehyde resin,of plastic(urea)formaldehyde resins,polyethylene,polyvinyl chloride,etc.

              Detergent:Advanced detergent and ordinary detergent powder,Feizaofen,soda powder,emulsifier,brighteners,phosphoric acid,etc.

              Chemical Industry:hydrocortisone sodium(potassium),alkaline with paint,dye intermediates,Mn3O4,Tsuen a silicate,the catalyst,of sulfuric acid,amino acids,etc.

              Ceramics:alumina,ceramic tile materials,magnesium,talc,etc.

              Other:aluminum hydroxide,calcium chloride,the cooling spray of stearic acid,etc.

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