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            HYG Series Rotating barrel Dryer

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation
            Wet material is loaded from one head of the dryer,and then it is stirred by the bafflers that is uniformly distributed in the barrel.Material is uniformly distributed and dispersed in the dryer,fully contact the hot air of parallel(or counter)flow,so the drying process is expedited,and the impulsion power of media transfer is enhanced.During the drying process,material is under the effect of angled baffler and hot air,moves to the star shape unloader that is at the other head of the dryer.
            Applicable for drying big particles,heavy particles in chemical,mining,and metallurgy,such as mining area,cinder of blast furnace,coal,powder of metal,phosphate fertilizer and thiamine.For drying the powder or particles with special requirements,such as HP foaming blowing agent,residule of alcohol,light calcium carbonate,active clay,magnetic powder,graphite,and residue of medicine.For materials to be dried under low temperature and large lot continuous production.

            The motorization level of the barrel is high,and the production capacity is high;

            The resistance that the material passes through the barrel is less,and the power consumption is low.

            Application capability to different characters of materials is high.

            The operation is stable,the operation fee is low,and the uniformity of product drying is good.

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