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            JYG series paddle dryer

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            Liquid spray drying technology is shaping and drying of the most widely used industrial process.Ideal for the solution,emulsion,suspension and paste liquid plastic raw materials generated in the powdery,granular or massive solid products.Therefore,when the particle size distribution of the finished product,residual moisture content,bulk density and particle shape must meet precise standards.Spray drying is a very good process.

              Paddle dryer has been successfully used in the food,chemical,petrochemical,dyes,industrial sludge and other fields.Heat transfer equipment,cooling,mixing characteristics makes it possible to complete the following unit operations:The Burning(low temperature),cooling,drying(solvent recovery)heating(melting),response and sterilization.While stirring blade is heat transfer surface,the effective volume of the heat transfer unit area increases,shortening the processing time.Wedge-shaped blade heat transfer surface and has a self-cleaning function.Compression-expansion of the material mixture evenly mixing function.Material along the axial direction into a"plug flow"movement in the axial section,the material temperature,humidity,degree of mixing small gradient.Used to do medium heat blade dryer work to be completed by low-temperature combustion.Such as:calcium sulfate dihydrate(Ca2SO4·2H2O)combustion into calcium sulfate hemihydrate(Ca2SO4·1/22H2O).Sodium bicarbonate(NaHCO3)into calcined soda ash(Na2HCO3)and so on.Pass into the cooling medium,such as water,salt water,etc.can be used to cool the cooling.Eg:used in soda ash industry paddle cool base machine,replace the old air-cooled cooler base machine,saving energy and exhaust gas treatment equipment,reducing operating costs.Drying,the main function of the device,without using hot air,the solvent recovery,energy consumption,environmental control,the ideal state is easy to handle.On the need to recycle solvents,flammable oxidation sensitive materials especially adapted.Has been widely used in fine chemical,petrochemical,dye industry.Axial interval,temperature,humidity,degree of mixing uniformity,making the device used to heat or melt,or some solid material reactions.In the fertilizer and modified starch industry have been used successfully.Blade dryer can be used to sterilize food and flour processing.Unit effective volume large heating area,will soon be heated to sterilization temperature,avoiding prolonged heating to change the quality of materials.

              ◎blade dryer low energy consumption:Due to indirect heat,not a lot of air to carry the heat away,and set the dryer wall insulation layer,slurries,only 1.2kg 1kg of water evaporated water vapor.

              ◎blade dryer system costs low:unit effective volume has a huge heat transfer surface,shortening the processing time,the device size smaller.It greatly reduces the floor area and building space.

              ◎wide range of materials handling:Use different thermal medium,can deal with sensitive materials,but also to deal with the material to be heat treated.Common media are:water vapor,oil,hot water,cooling water,etc..

              Continuous operation can also be intermittent operation,can be applied in many fields.

              ◎environmental pollution:do not use portable air entrained dust material rarely.Evaporation of the solvent material is very small,easy to handle.To have the contaminated material or solvent to be recovered condition,can be Closed loop.

              ◎low operating costs:the structure.A small amount of wear,maintenance costs low.

              ◎stable operation:As the wedge-shaped blade special compression-expansion of stirring,the material particles full surface contact with the heat transfer in the axial section,the material temperature,humidity,degree of mixing small gradient,thus ensuring the process stability.

              Densely lined with wedge-shaped hollow shaft hollow blades,axial flow through the heating medium through the hollow blades.Unit effective volume of the heat transfer area is large,the heat medium temperature from-40℃to 320℃,can be water vapor,or liquid types:such as hot water,oil and so on.Indirect conduction heating,do not carry away heat the air,the heat are used to heat the material.Only through the device body heat loss to the environment heat insulation layer.Wedge-shaped blade heat transfer surface has a self-cleaning function.Material particles with relative motion wedge surface scrubbing action that can wash away the wedge surface attachment material,so that operation has maintained a clean heat transfer surface.Paddle dryer shell isΩtype,housing the general arrangements for two to four hollow stirring shaft.A sealed cover and the housing cover to prevent dust escaping materials fully play its role.

              The heat transfer medium passes through the rotary joint,through the housing jacket and hollow shaft,the hollow mixing shaft in accordance with the type of the heat medium has a different internal structure,to ensure optimum heat transfer effect.

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