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            ZLG Series Spray Dryer for Chinese Traditional Medicine Extract

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation
              Product Features

              The device has A-type B and Type C three types

              Type A:

              1.Tower of a cold wind jacket;

              2.Automatic tower is equipped with a vibration device;

              3.Tower of the pipeline with a fast-cleaning and sewage hole;

              4.Control thermostat feed tank;

              5.Manual high-pressure washing tower random annex;

              6.Contact with the materials of stainless steel material;

              7.Materials collected from the two Tornado dust devices,or a cyclone and wet precipitator;

              8.Intake air temperature to achieve automatic control.B.Type:

              1.Using stainless-steel production;

              2.With the same A-13478 features;

              3.Tower equipped with air brush So tower devices;

              4.Fan material for the production of stainless steel;

              5.Automatic washing tower installations.Type C:

              With a B-type functions;

              2.Meet explosion-proof requirements;

              3.Alcohol extraction process to meet requirements,or special solution
            The device has three types, type A, type B and type C

              All aircraft using closed-form,all the components are manufactured using stainless steel,with three purification,filtering the air of 100,000 request,the top tube and are equipped with cold wall installation,lower wall temperature,drying tower installed So brush gas installations tower,the plane after drying powder extract of Chinese medicine,there will not degenerate coking phenomenon,greatly increased the rate of admission powder,and will not have a mixed drug phenomenon and visco-wall phenomenon.

              Chinese medicine extract high-speed centrifugal spray device is centrifugal spray drying technology in the application of specific materials,but also high-speed centrifugal atomization lets materials dispersed into mist,and the hot air full access to complete instantaneous drying,forming finished dry powder devices.

              Chinese medicine extract high-speed centrifugal spray devices and the general high-speed centrifugal spray drying plant is the difference between:Solving the air three junior high efficiency filtration,drying materials moment was fast-curing,the material from the tower wall of separation strong,Nien wall for wall repeated heating to prevent the active ingredient in heating materials and volatile decomposition,as well as solve the pipe cleaning of the tower and other key technologies.
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