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            SZG Series Conical Vacuum Dryer

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
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            SZG bipyramidal Vacuum Dryer is my factory in the light of similar products drying technology to develop a new generation device,with double cone vacuum belt,chain two flexible connectivity options,thereby equipment running smoothly.Equipment specially designed,fully embodied the two concentric axis of good,HTM and vacuum systems are reliable U.S.technology rotary joints.On this basis,we have developed a SZG-A,it can stepless speed regulation,but also for temperature control.

            As a professional drying equipment factory,we Baitusi service users each year,factory products from the high-temperature heat-conducting oil for heat transfer media,steam temperature and low temperature hot water readily available.Drying viscous materials,the factory will be in the tank for your particular design"Flights of the"structure or set up Ball.

              Apply chemical,pharmaceutical,food and other industries powdery,granular and fiber concentration,mixing,drying and low-temperature drying of materials needed(such as biochemical products more easily applied to oxidation,volatile,thermosensitive,strong stimulation,toxic materials,and not allow the destruction of crystalline materials dry.

              Heating oil,automatic temperature control,can be dry and biochemical products and mineral raw materials,the temperature can be between 20 to 160℃temperature within±2℃.

              Thermal efficiency higher than the general oven raise more than two times.

              Indirect heating,the material will not be contaminated,with"GMP"requirement.Equipment maintenance is simple,easy to keep clean.

              Model recommended resettlement process:solvent recovery process resettlement

              Confined to the surface of thermal-energy(such as hot water or low pressure steam the HTF),the heat was passed in the shell dry materials.

              In the drive,as slowly rotating the tank,the tank materials continuously mixed,so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening drying.

              Materials in a vacuum,steam decline in the material surface water(solvent)reached saturation point and evaporation,and the vacuum pump from the timely recovery.Materials internal water(solvent)continuously to the surface infiltration,evaporation from the three ongoing process,the material in a very short time to dry purpose.

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