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            ZPD Vacuum Harrow Dryer

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation
            GFG series high efficiency boiling dryer GFG series high efficiency boiling dryer GFG series high efficiency boiling dryer GFG series high efficiency boiling dryer
            Pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries dry the following materials:
            Suitable for slurry, paste paste, powder materials;
            Heat-sensitive materials requiring low-temperature drying;

            Easy oxidation, explosive, strong stimulation, highly toxic materials;

            Material requiring recycling of organic solvents.

              Being adapted the big area heating way,its heat conducting area is large and its heat efficiency is high.

              Being installed stirring in the machine,it makes raw material in cylinder form the state of continuous circle inside the cylinder,so the uniformity to be heated of raw material is raised greatly.

              Being installed stirring in the machine,pulpinese,paste-like mixture or powder raw materials can be dried easy.

            It is an innovation horizontal batch-type vacuum dryer.The moister of wet material will be evaporated by heat transmission.The stirrer with squeegee will remove material on hot surface and move in the container to form cycle flow.The evaporated moisture will be pumped by vacuum pump.

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