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            GFG High Effeciency Fluidizing Dryer

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation
              Screw extrusion mechanism particles,particle swing,wet granulation mixed high-speed particles.

              Medicine,food,feed,chemicals and other fields wet granular and powdered materials dry.

              Large particles,small block,viscous block granular materials.

              Konjac,polyacrylamide,and other volume changes of dry materials.
              Fluidized bed to avoid dead ends circular structure.

              Hopper set stirring to avoid wet and dry materials reunion groove formed when flow.

              Ares turned disposal tablets used to facilitate prompt and thorough,and also requested access to automatic feeding system design.

              Vacuum sealing operation,the air filter.Simple,easy cleaning,is in line with the"GMP"requirements of the ideal equipment.

              Drying speed,temperature asymmetrical,each drying time generally 20-30 minutes.

              The heated air purification,followed by Fan imported from the bottom,through the pore network hopper plate.In the indoor work,the role of a vacuum mixing and fluidization,after the rapid evaporation of water as exhaust away,fast-drying materials.

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