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            ZLG vibration fluidized bed dryer

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation

             Widely used in chemical industry,light industry,medicine,food,plastics,grain and oil,slag,salt,sugar,and other industries powder dry granular materials,cooling,humidification,and other operations.

              ◆using vibration motor drive,a smooth operation,noise,long life and easy maintenance.

              ◆thermal efficiency higher than the general drying devices can be more than 30%energy saving.Bed uniform temperature distribution without local overheating,fluidization uniform,Hassle Free phenomenon.

              ◆material thickness and machine speed and amplitude can be uniform in the design of a level adjustment,adjustable,and apply Miankuan.

              ◆injury on the surface of materials,friable materials can be used for drying,the material can be readily available to irregular particles,effects.

              ◆a fully enclosed structure,effective in the prevention of material to cross-contamination with the outside world,a clean environment,continuous operations.

              ◆when used in the production of high moisture materials,and may be more than one way to achieve tandem with the requested(typical materials:such as polyacrylamide,etc.)

              ◆hand feed material since I entered the plane,in the vibrating force,the material thrown forward along the horizontal direction for sports,hot air upward through the heat exchanger fluidized bed with wet materials,wet air by cyclone dust After discharge from the intake valve;dry by the nesting materials from the mouth.

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