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            LZG series spiral vibration dryer

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
            • Animation simulation
              Wet material from the top of the feed inlet into the spiral bed,exciting force in the circumferential direction and the force of gravity,the material along the spiral bed for jumping movement from top to bottom until the bottom;Meanwhile clean air into the bottom of the spiral bed with distributed in the bed material adequate heat and mass transfer,the exhausts from the outlet from the top.So that the material reaches the drying purposes.

              The product is mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine pills dry;also apply to chemical,constraints,food,plastics,building materials,feed and other industries granular,short strip,spherical materials dry.

              Mainly used in pills,feed,chemical,food,building materials and other industries particles,strip,dry bulk materials.

              ●hot air passes through the material layer and the reverse flow of the material;the heat exchange is fully;thermal efficiency is high;

              ●Compact structure,small footprint;

              ●material residence time in the bed can be adjusted;easy to operate.

              ●bottom bed material along the spiral circular motion with the same time;jump itself;thus increasing the material in contact with the hot air;enhances the drying effect,

              ●continuous access to material suitable for pipeline;and easy to achieve GMP norms;can replace the traditional box-type drying;

              ●The surface of the material and the shape basically no damage;pills not only ensure the roundness;but also greatly reduces the pill crushing rate.

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