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            QG, FG, GFF series of air dryer

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            The equipment can meet different need of raw materials.Besides the mentioned raw materials in basic model,there are hyminal,A.B.C intermediate,ABS resin,white carbon black,tea,catalyst of oxailc acid,promote agent m.d.m,catalyst,deposited carbon powder,N-acetyl-sulfanily chloride,p-aminosalicylic acid,p-phthalic acid,diethyl aniline,titanium dioxide,active carbon,sodium flusilicate,ammmonium sulphate,powder of silicon glue,synthesis resin,calcium sulphate,mine of sulphate,mine of phosphorus,BB blue,melting phosphorus fertilizer,tetracycline,ferric oxide,calcium carbonate,titanuum/ferric mine,copper mine,powder of white potato,tail coal,stearate,zein,medicine,medical agent,ferric oxide,le redidue and so on.
            It is equipped with fan that has the functionof dispersing.So it is suitable for heat sensitive raw material specially The impeller of fan with high speed can crush the wetted and bloked and blocked raw material till dispersing During the period of dispersing,it is shirred and mixed.During the period of dispersing,it is srirred and mixed.Then the raw material and air are flowing paeallel.With the equipment,raw materials that are blocked filter cake but brlong to the raw material having moisture on its surface,Its content of moisture should be less than 40%,If the amount to be treated is large or the moisture requirement of finished products should be less than 60%,two grades drying can be used.If the moisture of waw materials is between 40%and 60%,the feeds is different.It is necessary to adapt mixer.through the,method pf dry raw material into it to decrease the moisture of moisture using machinery(centrifugal or press)so as to decrease its moisture as possible in order to guarantee the drying operation can be carried our freely.

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