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            XSG Series High-Speed Rotating Drier

            • Product overview
            • Application
            • Product features
            • Working principle
            • Technical parameters
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              Organic compounds:atrazine(pesticides),cadmium laurate,benzoic acid,benzoic acid,sterilization,sodium oxalate,cellulose acetate.

              Dyes:anthraquinone,black iron oxide,indigo blue pigment,acid,titanium hydroxide,zinc sulfide,various dyes intermediates.

              Inorganic compounds:borax,calcium carbonate,hydrogen chloride,copper sulfate,iron oxide,barium carbonate,antimony trioxide,metal hydroxides,metal salts of a variety of synthetic cryolite.

              Ceramics:kaolin,silicon oxide,clay.

              Foods:soy protein,gelling starch,lees,wheat,sugar,wheat starch.

              ●As the material by centrifuge,shearing,impacting and friction are micronized,highly dispersed state and solid-gas relative velocity between the two phases is large,enhanced heat and mass transfer of the machine producing high strength.

              ●dry gas into the bottom of the dryer produces strong rotating airflow on the wall material produced a strong rushing effect,eliminate the phenomenon of sticky wall.

              ●In the bottom of the dryer temperature zone,heat-sensitive materials are not in direct contact with hot surfaces and fitted with a special device to solve the problem of heat-sensitive materials coking discoloration.

              ●Since the drying chamber gas speed at high residence time is short,to achieve efficient,fast,small equipment,large

               Heated by the heat exchanger clean air is blown into the air inlet to the appropriate speed drying chamber screwed into the bottom of the annulus,and then press the tangential direction into the drying chamber and spiral up:Meanwhile,the material from stepless metered feeder speed control tower.In the drying tower,hot air with sufficient material,high quality heat conversion,along with the powdery material to be dried with hot air fed to the separator,wherein the product collection package,the exhaust gas is further processed by emptying the dust removing device.

              In the bottom of the drying tower equipped with a volute air distributor and agitator,agitator speed by adjusting the external variable speed motor speed.Mixer has two effects:it can lead from the distribution chamber into the drying chamber produce high-speed rotation of the hot air flow,thus forming a stable fluidized layer to prevent the clogging due to local spouting arising channeling the unstable Bay Fluidization;Secondly,because the multiple blade stirrer speed rotation of the bulk material constantly crushed inside the outer dry wet granules continuously wrapped,peel,grated surface constantly updated,increasing the heat transfer area,thus reinforcing the quality of the heat exchange,increase the drying rate.In addition,the stirrer blade and minimal drying tower wall clearance,bonded timely clean out the material on the wall in order to prevent the material long-term stay and degeneration.To ensure that the material invariant decomposition tower wall equipped with a cooling jacket for heat-sensitive materials can be one hundred percent quality assurance division.Volute air distribution devices for the tangential entry of the hot air evenly through the bottom spiral up the annulus,annulus reasonable speed to ensure good fluidization of the material dry.

              In the middle of the drying tower,stepless doser material added continuously.At the same time,the material is pulverized and then the bottom agitator rotating at high speed hot air blown in the drying chamber to form a relatively stable fluidized bed.Between the material and the hot air was prompt and adequate heat and moisture exchange,most of the water evaporated in the process is completed.High moisture content,surface area of??small particles in the material is greater than the buoyancy due to its gravity,settling in the drying chamber,dried continuously during the sinking,the blade movement in the end portion is broken by the impact of high-speed airflow,further pulverizing and drying,the when gravity is less than its buoyancy,particle movement began to rise.In the upper part of the drying chamber,an annular baffle,namely classifier.With the increase in rotational entrainment of the material,due to centrifugal force,large,and does not meet the requirements of water(i.e.,a large proportion of)the material by the centrifugal effect,its radius of rotation increases,when the rotation radius is greater than the radius of the classifier,be blocked in the drying chamber further dried and crushed,to meet the requirements until just overflow.Fine crushing the central body of the drying chamber with the air entrainment drying up,due to its small particle size and moisture meet requirements(ie a smaller proportion),the centrifugal force is relatively small,the rotation radius is smaller than the radius of the classifier,and then with airflow discharged,sent to collection device.

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