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            DW series Mesh-Belt Dryer

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            In actual use,we recognize that the process in a variety of different design solutions to the nature of the dry material is unreasonable and,therefore,DWT equipment in the series on the basis of stereotypes products at the same time stressed that their precincts,the basic types of dehydrated vegetables plane,rice plane medicine Pieces plane,pigment dyes plane washed cotton and washed hair plane.Roasted seeds and nuts food plane,plastic granules drying and heat treatment plane,and magnetic powder,iron oxide yellow,light calcium carbonate,carbon black dry white plane,and so on.Customers in the selection of equipment shall be based on the material properties and design consultation,I decided to plant materials in accordance with the special requirements of drying determine air flow,temperature,relative humidity,running speed,and other technical parameters to ensure the applicability of equipment,the best reliability The operating performance.

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